Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Advantages of Aluminum Awnings

You’ve probably noticed there are several types of awnings available for your home. There are some great advantages to aluminum awnings. Aluminum awnings can be custom made and cut to your exact deck or patio size. You’re also not limited to an awning that is square or a rectangular shape, as it can be mitered to fit the contours of your home. You’ll find aluminum awnings can have a much greater projection than a fabric awning allowing for more deck or patio coverage.

Use Your Awning Year Round

Although an aluminum awning is a permanent structure, this is also one of its advantages. Your awning can be used all year long, whether it’s a windy day, or heavy rain or snow. Not only does it stay in place but also provides some protection for your deck or patio. An aluminum awning will help cut the heat and help keep the rain off of your patio furniture.

Something else to think about is that an aluminum awning will cost less than a fabric one.

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